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D6 Virgin Fuel Oil, also known as Residual Fuel Oil, is a high-viscosity fuel that requires pre-heating to temperatures between 104 ºC to 127 ºC (220 ºF – 260 ºF) before use. It is primarily composed of long-chain hydrocarbons like alkanes, cycloalkanes, and aromatics. D6 is mostly used in generators and large ships or power plants, as it’s unsuitable for smaller engines or boats due to its pre-heating requirement and high viscosity.D6 Virgin Fuel Oil Characeristics

  • High-viscosity
  • Requires pre-heating to 104 ºC to 127 ºC
  • Composed of long-chain hydrocarbons
  • Used in generators, large ships, and power plants
  • Contains high levels of pollutants, such as sulfur

Due to recent regulations, D6 now requires additional refining to remove sulfur, increasing its cost. It’s known as D6 in the USA, but may have different names in other parts of the world.

D6 Virgin Fuel Oil UsesStandars and Califications

D6 Virgin Fuel Oil, also known as Residual Fuel Oil, is a high-viscosity, cheap liquid fuel that requires pre-heating before use.

It’s primarily used in power plants and large ships but is unsuitable for small vehicles and boats.

The fuel contains high levels of pollutants like sulfur, and recent regulations require additional refining to remove sulfur, increasing its cost. D6 is less useful in colder months when demand and prices typically rise. It is also known by other names like Bunker C and PS-400.

D6 Virgin Fuel Oil’s ignition quality is described by CCAI and CII indexes, often used for marine fuels. It adheres to ISO 8217 standards. Viscosity, measured in Centistokes, categorizes the fuel into different types: IFO 380, IFO 180, LS 380, LS 180, MDO, and MGO, listed in order of increasing cost. Russia is a major producer of high-quality D6 Fuel Oil.

Who needs to import or export Virgin Oil D6?

Virgin Oil D6 is a vital fuel used in marine transportation and power generation, making it a valuable commodity globally. Businesses in the shipping and power industries require the import and export services of Virgin Oil D6. Other types of businesses that require Virgin Oil D6 include manufacturers of asphalt, chemicals, and other industrial products.

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