MC Petroleum SA Profile: Leader in the Fuel Sector and Global Collaboration

Founded in 2008 as a family business, MC Petroleum SA has become a benchmark in the petroleum products trading sector in Panama and beyond. Our success story is based on a tireless dedication to customer experience, human talent and constant innovation, as well as strong international partnerships.

Our Global Commitment

In our efforts to be at the forefront of the industry, we have established high-caliber international agreements. We collaborate closely with Platform Ideas, an influential global holding company with strong partnerships with industry leaders. This collaboration gives us access to the most advanced technology and best practices in the field of fuels and forecourt management.

Focus on Customer Experience and Service

At MC Petroleum SA, customer service is our top priority. During our 15 years of operations, we have perfected the customer experience at each of our service stations. We believe that exceptional service is what differentiates one fuel station from another. Our highly trained and committed staff strives to provide friendly and efficient service, backed by the latest industry innovations. In 2016 Llano Marin station was recognized as the best station in the country.

Our Track Record in the Fuels Industry

    • We began our operations in 2005, managing the fuel station at the Torrijos – Carter bus terminal under the Texaco brand. Over time, we acquired 5 new stations in strategic locations such as Don Bosco, Pacora, Panama Viejo, Veranillo, and Colon. Subsequently, we incorporated two more stations under another brand.

    • In 2013, we expanded our presence with the acquisition of 4 additional stations under the Texaco brand through a negotiation with Chevron de Panama SA. Between 2014 and 2018, we took a bold step by initiating operations at five new stations, three in the province of Panama and two in the province of Coclé, built by our subsidiary company, Security Systems Panamá SA. The addition of these new stations positioned us as the operator owning the largest network of stations in the country. 

Innovation and Sustainable Development in the Fuels Industry

In addition to operating stations under the Texaco and Terpel brands, we have developed projects for the design, construction, supervision, operation, and marketing of our own stations and those of third parties. This diversification has allowed us to adapt to the changing demands of the industry and maintain a focus on operational excellence.

Looking Ahead in the Fuels Industry

In February 2022, we proudly inaugurated the Texaco Cerro Silvestre Station, which is already the second station nationwide with the highest sales volume under the Texaco brand. We are constantly growing and developing, with two new stations in process, one on the Arraijan – La Chorrera highway and another in the district of La Chorrera.

We are excited about what the future holds and committed to continue providing exceptional service to our customers and international partners. MC Petroleum SA: Experience, Service and Global Commitment in the Fuel Industry. 

Our Values in the Fuels Industry

Commitment to Quality: We strive to offer high-quality products and superior service at all of our stations, maintaining the most rigorous standards in the industry.

Human Talent in the Industry: We recognize that our team is our most valuable asset. We foster an inclusive work environment and support the professional development of our employees, forming the basis for our success in the industry.

Sustainable and Technological Development: We are committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly business practices throughout our operations, leveraging cutting-edge technology to drive efficiency and responsibility in the fuels industry.

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